Creating Space

WanderWomen experiences are about finding space – space for yourself. Space for your thoughts, your stories, your dreams: You!

On a WanderWomen experience:

Be supported by a small group of women, just to be you!

Share the wonderful experience of being at one with nature and the elements.

Enjoy some special time just for yourself, to be present in your own experience, connect with yourself, switch on all your senses and enjoy every moment in stunning Scottish landscapes!⠀

Immerse yourself in nature, slow down, feel alive!⠀

Would you like to find out more about the experiences available to you?

WanderWomen offer Half Day Escapes, Full Day Adventures and Overnight Retreats, as well as Fresh Air Fridays.

Keen to find out more? Email us at [email protected]

Or, just go ahead and book now on Eventbrite and see you soon!

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