Creating Space

WanderWomen experiences are about finding space – space for yourself. Space for your thoughts, your stories, your dreams: You!

On a WanderWomen experience, we are supported by each other in the warmth and intimacy created by a small group and by our shared experiences in nature.

Equally this journey supports a rare opportunity to have time to ourselves in the context of nature, allowing us to be fully present for our own experience and the engagements of our senses as we move through the stunning landscape At a WanderWomen experience you will get the opportunity to find exactly that space to connect with yourself: diving deep into our inner nature, as well as journeying through, and connecting with the beauty of the outer nature.

WanderWomen is a precious opportunity to spend time fully immersed in nature, an opportunity to give ourselves space to slow down and to experience the immense vitality that awakens within us when we connect with nature.

Would you like to find out more about the experiences available to you?

WanderWomen offer Half Day Escapes, Full Day Adventures and Overnight Retreats, as well as Fresh Air Fridays.

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