Creativity outside

Do you feel more creative outdoors?

Being amongst trees, on a wide open beach, or on a path amongst fields, I always have new thoughts, ideas, inspiration and creativity come to me!

For the occasion I always carry a pencil and a notebook with me wherever I go. It doesn’t have to be a massive big hike or lots of effort involved, but just getting out of the house, the office, getting moving, getting fresh air in my lungs – any of those simply things can do the same trick! Try it! Nature is inspiring – even if it’s your back garden, local park or a wander through your neighbourhood – beauty is everywhere, opportunities come to you, blockages go away, just keep an open heart!

When with others, conversations come easier, stimulated by walking next to each other, creative juices flow and new ideas come up. I actually prefer walking meetings to sit down ones!

I was recently given this “Great Ideas in the Great Outdoors” (thank you, Walking Whiskey Wellness) pencil by my photographer Jo Tennant.

In nature, my mind calms down, and I think clearer, being away from screens helps a lot, too. I enjoy journaling outdoors, write letters, and make nature mandalas.

Maybe it’s about noticing things, and seeing connections, slowing down!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” (Lao Tzu)

Nature Mandalas – find more of them at @annamnw on Instagram

How does nature inspire you? Where and how do you get creative?

Share some nature connection and creativity, get inspired and make new connections on one of the WanderWomen experiences!

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